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empath Posted - 04 June 2007 1:11
i have just recently discovered that i am an empath untill recently i would have said someone was crazy for suggesting such a thing as i did not know anything about it
i still do not know very much
i was wondering R' Moderator if u know anything about such things and how it fits in with judaism
taon Posted - 04 June 2007 2:00
By empath, you mean able to sense other's feelings to a greater extent than other, correct? If it's true, then use it to help people. that would mean you have a great ability to do chesed and to know in what way to help people. nothing more than that. as for a background in Torah, haven't you noticed how so many great Rabbonim attuned themselves to the feelings of others, no matter how hiddden or confused? sensitivity is a Jewish trait. if you have extra-sensitivity, use it. i think you can figure out how by just looking around.


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taon Posted - 04 June 2007 2:08
by the way, what made you find out about this? becuase generally, I've heard these things discussed by crazy alien worshipping new age nuts. looong story.
neshama Posted - 05 June 2007 0:52
Taon- ure awesome!

I do agree that this can be an incredibly positive trait. But you hafta make sure to use it that way...

empath Posted - 05 June 2007 21:08
taon its a long story its also kinda crazy and im still not so sure i believe in this stuff
also i'm begining to think that maybe i am just nuts i was only curious as to what the torah says about such things
wannabe Posted - 05 June 2007 21:29
what is an empath?
taon Posted - 05 June 2007 23:09
emp, empaths, real or not, is a completely different thing from being sensitive to other's emotions. it's not the terms you can be called that matter, but what you do. does it really matter if you arte or aren't, if it's nuts or real?

wannabe, basicallly, in this sense, someone who can sense and detect other's emotions through almost a sixth sense, or being real good at reading body language.


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empath Posted - 06 June 2007 13:24
taon its more than a 6th sence its actually feeling someone elses feelings for me at least
which gets to be a problem for me cause i cant allways tell what my feelings are on diff things
which is where it gets to be a problem
so you know anything else about it what to do for instance or where to get the proper training in such a thing
the reason im not sure if i believe it and i think maybe im crazy is: i have a very close friend who is also an empath and we have been haveing emotion wars (persay)- sending each other emotions
im begining to think im nuts and besides that how can it be possible to consciously or subconsciosly send someone your emotions
neshama Posted - 06 June 2007 14:56
empath- just outa curiosity- how physically close to u hafta be to someone in order for the messages to be sent over?

And... its so weird- what are the odds that ure very close friend will be have the same tendencies too? Or did u become friends because of that?

Also, I just have this feeling that if u refer to urself as an 'empath' thats what starts making u feel nuts. Youre giving urself a label so you sort of hafta become that. You might feel more normal just acknowledging that u have an extra strength, more than many people and G-d gave this to you to somehow help in your avodas Hashem.
I'm close with a Rav who has an extremely powerful 6th sense and he uses it to be able to help parents deal properly with each specific child based on their needs... and he uses it to help people decide what to do with their lives; which carreers to choose etc...
There are so many wonderful things you can do with this gift. You're so not nuts!

cheers! Posted - 06 June 2007 15:25
there's a story abt a rav (i think r' aryeh levin) who went with his wife to the doctor and told the doctor "my wife's foot is hurting us!"

i assure u r' aryeh levin wasn't some crazy person. it was just b/c he had such a special relationship with his wife that he actually felt her pain in a very real way.

i'd imagine that b/c u are so close to this friend, that's why u "feel" e/o's emotions. i have the same thing with someone i'm close to.

ur prob a very normal person who was given an extra dose of sensitivity to other's feelings. good for u!

empath Posted - 06 June 2007 22:31
actually i have been having this problem since ive been young and i just ignored it not knowing what it is
my friend and i only discovered that i have this ability by accident i dont have to be near her to feel her stuff and neither does she have to be near me
whats hard is being in a crowd it can be very overwhelming especially if you dont know how to tune in to yourself above everyone else
sometimes i think im happy depressed... and when i leave the crowd i get confused cause im not that and i dont know what i am
it can cause what looks like terrible mood swings which are not really mine or some is and some is not
thats where it starts to cause problems
u r right it can be a great thing to have but it can also be really hard
im not trying to complain i was only wondering if anyone knew of such things or how to deal with it

knowing that some of the things that have gotten me into trouble in the past (school amongst other things) is not something i could have controlled is comforting
if anyone has any suggestions as to how i can better take care of myself as it gets hard when i am feeling other ppls stuff i tend to forget and am feeling quite stressed right now

empath Posted - 06 June 2007 22:31
taon we became friends before we were aware of it on my end at least shes known about it for a while
it is very helpfull that we both are as we can talk to each other without being thought crazy
snelling Posted - 08 June 2007 6:55
have you consulted with a teacher or Rav about this, or is this your first time dealing with this outside of between you and your friend?

This sounds like a huge burden, I really would suggest seeking some guidance on the proper way to handle it!

distraught Posted - 08 June 2007 13:09
1st u r not crazy or nuts- this "sense" that u hav u could use for good, unlike others u really could feel anothers pain it just comes to show that ur a vry warm hearted person who cares for the well being of her friends

look on the bright side we have a mitzva to feel our bros/sist pain most people i know cant accomplish this level of greatness in 3 life times let alone 1 u howevr didi it in less than 1 u r amazing

empath Posted - 10 June 2007 21:49
i dont know who i can speak to about it i tried talking to my rabbi and he thought i was joking
neshama Posted - 10 June 2007 23:24
you should probly call a frum, qualified therapist and ask for recommendations about how to proceed with this.

Or find a Rav whos open minded enuf to take u seriously and to even understand ure sitch. Some examples of rabanim that come to mind wud be Rav Dovid Goldwasser in flatbush, or Rav Noach Orlewek in Yerushalayim.

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