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Tortured_Soul Posted - 27 May 2007 18:07
I did not see anything about T'chum Shabbos here and thought some one should summarize these halachos, which can be especially relevant during the summer. (Such as walking too far beyond one's camp or bungalow colony)
taon Posted - 27 May 2007 18:10
Genrally, that's covered by the camp itself. It would probably depend on thwe camp. I think it was mentioned briefly below in the Halachos of Summer threead, though I'm not certain.
Bas-Levi Posted - 27 May 2007 18:10
Yes yes yes if s/o could please post some info about it that would be very helpful...thanks so much!
Tortured_Soul Posted - 30 May 2007 23:56
Taon: It sounds as if you may have gotten this confused with the eiruv that permits carrying.

T'chum Shabbos is the issur of going more than 2,000 amos beyond one's dwelling. The Artscroll Siddur has a brief explanation on the page that features Eiruvei T'chumin which is right after Eiruvei Chatzeiros and Eruv Tavshilin.

In many densely-populated urban areas, such as New York City, going beyond the t'chum is rarely, if ever an issue because there are continuous dwelling places as long as one would walk;I am pretty sure that one can walk at least throughout the entire five boroughs of New York City without a problem of going beyond the t'chum.

In rural places such as camps and bungalow colonies, however, one usually would need to make an eiruv t'chumin before Shabbos in order to walk farther than 2,000 amos beyond one's dwelling.

I was really hoping that someone would post more information about this. If I recall correctly, _four_ amos is between four and six feet, so _one_ amoh must be between 1 and 1.5 feet.

But surely both the mile as well kilometer equivalents of 2,000 amos are well-known and readily obtainable so that no one should really have to go to trouble of calculating.

taon Posted - 31 May 2007 13:29
i may have gotten mixed up, but I still think that's something the Rabbi's at camp would announce. don't thy?


the FAQ section

neshama Posted - 31 May 2007 13:39
could be taon, but in a girls camp there arent always Rabbi's available...
and it's probly important to get the specifics down straight anyway.
cheers! Posted - 31 May 2007 21:16
neshama: one would hope that even at a girl's camp, if it is run al pi halacha, this would be s/t that would be dealt with appropriately--whether there's a rabbi around all the time or not.
neshama Posted - 31 May 2007 21:33
Ure right cheers!- of course, but, They dont always teach you all the halachos of shabbos... and many camps have one camp rav, who might be sleeping on shabbos afternoon when youre in the mood to go for ure walk etc... so of course the camps probly are properly equiped with the halacha- but I still think it would be k'dai to learn the halachos also no??
cheers! Posted - 31 May 2007 23:19
Tortured_Soul Posted - 01 June 2007 0:12
Even if it were always announced, there could always be at least some people who either weren't present then or weren't paying attention.

I still think it is one of the things that very much belongs under the category 'Halachos for the Summer'

Oh, and don't forget: My first mention of T'chum Shabbos was in reply to Bas-Levi's description of her Shabbos with her school, which isn't even observant of far-more obvious and well-known halochos of Shabbos.

Bas-Levi Posted - 01 June 2007 2:52
Yes - T_S is right (thanks btw - and thanks for explaining it, too =).
Unfortunately, not every program that goes camping or to another place like that HAS a Rav for the event. On my "school 'Shabbat'on," the only "rav" (l'havdil) there is definitely not frum. Hiking was required. I did the best I could - actually the Shabbaton came up today in my history class, and my history teacher, who's not Jewish, was asking stuff like "Well could you bring water?" and I had to explain that I'm not allowed to carry or benefit from another Jew carrying...or from a goy if he/she carried the water specifically for me (this is totally not a psak - obviously I'm not a posek - this is just what I have been taught by various Rabbonim).
So, yes, t'chum Shabbos can be an we were in a "nature camp" type of place, and so one might not even have to walk very far to overstep the boundaries of T'chum Shabbos.

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