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israel-phile gal Posted - 16 May 2007 18:28
this vort is from rav beinish ginsburg in michlalah.

Parshat Bamidbar always comes out the shabbos before Shavuot, so the question is why? (this vort is from Rav Yaakov Kaminetzky- his sefer Emet L'Yaakov)

There are two types of chanatim (sins)- theres the cheit done from a mistake and then that done out of misplaced anava- humbleness. A person will think- im just a speck in the world out of the whole scheme of things and any one action i may do will not really have any effect on the world. or Hashem cant possible care about one action I might do, so whats the point.
But, no! Rav Yaakov says this is wrong! and theres proof to this in the way we are counted in the midber.
In the midbar, bn"Y was counted- using the word "si-oo" or "tisah". (as opposed to the other words for counting) how were they counted? they each gave a machatzit ha'shekel- everyone, no matter what their status, gave the same amount. Someone standing in line can be the simplest person but he can look right next to him and see the gadol hador standing there giving the same exact amount as him! Wow- it must be that each person does essentially have a chashivut/ importance in the world and to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. the word "tisah/ si-oo" is used because that word can also mean "to be raised up" seeing someone greater than you giving the same amount to be counted just raise you up - show you your potential. (boost your ego!)
As we come closer to re-accept the Torah, Hashem wants us to accept upon ourselves as well to give as much effort as we can to fulfill our part of the Torah to our fullest potential because we have that ability!

cheers! Posted - 16 May 2007 18:42
so interesting. thanks.
satinsword13 Posted - 20 May 2007 2:23
Ready? this one is good.
its from Rabbi Leff, in Eretz Yisroel.

According to one shita in the Gemara, who most Rishonim follow, Hashem said that the Torah was to be given on the sixth day of Sivan, but MOshe added one day more of preparation of his own da'as.

and the question is, then, why do we celebrate Torah on the sixth of Sivan, if it wasn;t even given yet!!!

he says, that the purpose of giving the Torah is not just that it should be here, the purpose of Torah is that people should live by it, to learn it and follow what it says, to listen to Hashem. this is why the gemara calls people foolish if they stand up for a sefer torah, but not for a talmid chochom, because it emans they forgot the purpose of the torah.

what we celebrate on Shavuous is that Hashem chose US to be the ones to do that. we are the ones, and ONLY US, who get to live our lives al pi torah. and therefroe, the Torah cannot be given without us.

If we were anytihng but indispensable, Hashem would hvae given the Torah on the sixth day, regardless of whether we were prepared or not. the fact that Hashem "POSTPONED THE WEDING" FOR US, SHOWS THAT WE ARE THE KALLAH, YOU CANNOT HAVE THE WEDDING WITHOUT US.

on shavuous we celebrate "Atoh bichartabu" that we were chosen.

we should be zoche to feel fortunate to be Jews-on Shavuous and for the rest of our lives.

MODERATOR Posted - 02 June 2008 21:06
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satinsword13 Posted - 11 June 2008 23:20
wow ipg, re-read your post, that was realy good. needed to hear that. thank you !
MODERATOR Posted - 18 May 2009 14:43
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