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torah tears Posted - 16 May 2007 1:30
hey guys, i'm curious about how frum the chafetz chaim yeshiva of kew garden hills is compared to lakewood and the mir.. frum boys go to chafetz chaim right,,like the equivalent of by? thanks, and please be careful not to generalize/ say loshon horah, i didn't mean it that way
harry lincoln Posted - 17 May 2007 0:29
oh my gosh!! i always wanted to start a topic on Chafetz Chaim. as i personally go to a branch what do you want know? (other chofetz chaimers make yourself known pls)
ok compared to lakewood/mir they would be considerd "less frum" at least on the outside. mainly because of non-white shirts (blue green stripes just not too loud), even though most wear black there are some green or gray hats, and the fact that they say oh not oy. btw all these things have a mesorah i could got in to it but i don't think thats what you are asking. another thing is that if you shave at least twice a week generally then you could shave on erev shabbos during sefira. my bro-in-law lives in lakewood so i have a pretty good sense whats going on.
but chofetz chaim dosent' hold of "torah umadah" it would be more of "torah u'mussar" they are very in to mussar there.
other things they learn 3 full sedarim a day. they not encourage but allow college in fact there is something called "college night" twice a week i dont think lakewood is into college.
i hope this helps for other Q's specific or general please let me know maybe ill write more later
btw i would love to hear the moderator's views on this
torah tears Posted - 17 May 2007 0:49
ya one of my best friends goes to chafetz chaim, and he is a pretty modern guy, hes in college but hes very frum.
im just wondering if chafetz chaim boys for shidduchim look more into a more modern girl or a totally bais yaakov girl, also i've heard that chafetz chaim boys tend to marry into the chafetz chaim families..
does it depend on the guy in the school, some more modern than others..??
israel-phile gal Posted - 17 May 2007 19:55
thats funny, my brother is in cc- he's got another yr of hs, but he'll probably stay on 2 learn for a few yrs b4 going 2 EY. he's a pretty serious and frum guy- really. halacha is halacha w him. and he's a great learner.
i defintiely wudnt say he's moern in ne way- though he doesnt liek 2 conform 2 the "wear a white shirt and black hat all day" though he's probably frummer than many of the guys who do.
Ernesto "Che" Guevera Posted - 17 May 2007 23:53
<<mainly because of non-white shirts (blue green stripes just not too loud), even though most wear black there are some green or gray hats, and the fact that they say oh not oy. btw all these things have a mesorah i could got in to it but i don't think thats what you are asking.>>

I would be interested in hearing about it.

What about solid blue or pink shirts?

<<another thing is that if you shave at least twice a week generally then you could shave on erev shabbos during sefira.>>

Do any of the bochurim have beards?

harry lincoln Posted - 18 May 2007 1:21
1) TT most Chofetz Chaim guys do marry in the system meaning, to other cc girls but not limited. i would say generally its bais yaakov only but they should be willing to put up with colored shirts and oh not oy. the families i know are very similiar to lakewood types with the above (and a few more) exceptions. i dont know if you are allowed but if you could gime his name or last name. i might know him or find info about him but dont tell me if its not right. thanx

2) IPG if you could tell me the name or the branch at least i would apreaciate it to get a better sense. that is also one perticular thing i like about CC. in some other yeshivos its white shirt 24/7 but in CC most boys wear colored shirts to individualize yourself. but i dont want to say lashon hora or anything
3) Che, sorry about not being clear. what i meant is colored shirts i forgot to add commas meaning blue, green or striped but no wheres limited to those colord for example pink. its very hard to go into to this topic fully but basically the mesorah is that in Europe everyone wore colored shirts from Rosh Yeshiva down so why change in America. also white is more kavodic as on shabbos everyone wears white shirts pretty much.
Regarding shaving i was only referring to the guys that dont have beards even though they dont encourage it till marriage. if you wnt to more pls let me know thanx

torah tears Posted - 18 May 2007 2:41
harry lincoln-
sorry but i would prefer not to share my friends name, but its very possible that you do know him...
i know, what i was saying about hes modern was that he goes to college, but is exstremely serious about his learning and torah life. seriously chafetz chaim is his life, and i wouldnt blame him..
also i go to a chafetz chaim branch high school and shul, so i know a little bit about it.
Arctic_Circle Posted - 18 May 2007 3:19
TT, you began a different post of yours with "Many of us as teenage girls...".

Sorry to be so blunt but if you are a girl, then you can't be friends with a boy, no matter how frum he may seem to be.

israel-phile gal Posted - 18 May 2007 14:45
he's in the brooklyn branch.
and btw we're not a cc family, so my brother as well as a couple of the other boys who dont come from the cc "lineage" were not allowed 2 shave during sefira. this yr i told him he got a "discount" 32 for 33. being that he was able 2 shave one day earlier erev shabbat right b4 lag baomer out of kavod shabbat. (2 which he replied well last yrs discount was better when we had a brother's bar mitzvah in the mid of sefira so he was allowed 2 shave then. ;) )
abt the shirts- hes allowed 2 wear light colors w not very obvious stripes- and definitely no checks, designs etc.
he wud wear a solid (light) blue- though solid pink wud probably not happen (thats just him)
Arctic_Circle Posted - 18 May 2007 20:12
TT: I just wrote a follow-up to my earlier reply to you and mistakenly posted in the 'best friend...' thread in the 'Platonic' section.

See it here:

taon Posted - 18 May 2007 22:02
Arctic_Circle Posted - 18 May 2007 14:38 TT: I probably shouldn't have been so brusque.

I realize that it's all too easy for me, in my detachment from your situation, to sit back and talk this way. I really didn't mean to be insensitive and I realize it must be extremely difficult.

I was disturbed by the way it seemed as if you were asking about this friend's yeshiva in an attempt to assuage your feelings of guilt or reassure yourself about him and I felt I had to note what I did.

I wish to conclude with a quote from a reply someone made to your 'best friend of the opposite gender' post. I wish you much hatzlocha in this terribly difficult nisayon.

"Here's the tricky part though. Even when it doesn't make sense to us and we really truly believe we know what's right, we MUST listen to the Torah (believe me, it knows what it's talking about). In my situation, I saw the effect it was having on my life which made it that much easier for me to stop talking to him. You've got it a bit harder and you can't see what he's doing to your life, (if he is or isn't, that's not the point) the point is, this is a sort of na'ase v'nishma situation. You don't get it now, but if it's a question of right and wrong. You know the right thing to do."

nechy Posted - 20 May 2007 1:29
heyy i'm a so-called "cc girl"... For those who are less familiar with CC: these guys are more likely to end up moving out-of-town, starting their own branches, etc. Rav Noach Orloweck told me that he has never met a CC boy who didn't have good middos - he tells girls that if they get redt a CC boy - go for it. Each guy is really looking for something different - though it is true that many prefer to "marry in". If you have more questions, feel free to ask...
hot pepper Posted - 20 May 2007 5:39
Arctic circle, i don't mean this in a mean way at all, and please don't take it as such, but maybe we can all use this as a lesson not to judge people? to sort of be dan lecaf zechus.... i personlly am trying to work on this, as I tend to judge people too quickyl. This just sort of goes to show how we can be so quick to judge someone...i'm totally speaking to myself, because i'm so guilty in this. i'm really sorry if I was offensive at all, I really did not mean to be, I just wanted to sort of bring out a lesson.
FRAGILEthisSideUp Posted - 20 May 2007 18:13
My 2 cents on Chofetz Chaim.

I've dated some CC guys and noticed how focused they were on the importance of mussar. The non-white shirt business bothered me but hey that's just me.

CC has a great mehaloch of working on oneself, becoming a torah scholar and eventually being in the position to teach it over to others.

Rosybeth Posted - 20 May 2007 21:01
Maybe I just don't get it... but what's the big difference if a bachur wears white shirts or blue shirts?
taon Posted - 20 May 2007 21:19
it's not the color, but tyhe attitude behind it. like a button down shirt versus a t-shirt. i dont know what blue here means, if anything, but wearing something different than what's practically international "Jewish colors" for thousands f years does seem like it's supposed to be a statement.


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