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look-upward Posted - 08 May 2007 18:50
does anyone know of a post high school yeshiva in Far Rockaway, preferably Bayswater, for students with relatively low experience laerning, and a bad command of hebrew, but I really want to learn, and when i dont, i want to want to. is there any accomodating Yeshiva in that area? thank you.
green Posted - 08 May 2007 19:39
Shor yoshuv. It's in FR, not bayswater, but it's close by. Big mix of students, and could definitely fit what you're looking for. Hatzlacha.
grafix Posted - 09 May 2007 0:53
there's the prority 1 kollel, under r' shaya cohen, in bayswater.
satinsword13 Posted - 10 May 2007 23:16
shor yoshuv is exactly what u need. the phone number there is 516-239-9002. leave a message for rabbi yonasan fischer, and he'll probably call u back in time, its a good good place for anyone, including people like you, they have a few shiurim just for people on ur level. hatzlocho. keep us posted here
satinsword13 Posted - 22 May 2007 2:20

Our task in life is not to be holy-we already are. our job is to be real to that holiness.

look-upward Posted - 22 May 2007 13:43
I'm probably going to try for Shor Yoshuv, I was supposed to be inter viewed but sometyhing happened. thanks everyone
satinsword13 Posted - 22 May 2007 22:56
great! keep us posted!
green Posted - 25 May 2007 1:48
Excellent, hatzlacha! Its a really good place.
look-upward Posted - 10 June 2007 15:14
I'm going to apply to shor yoshuv, thanks. Do you know, would it be considered a "chareidi" yeshivah? becuase part of the reason is I'm loking for a more religious enviroment than high school was. thanks so much everyone.
look-upward Posted - 10 June 2007 15:30
real sorry, one more question. I has heard a lot of good things about a Yashivah connected with Bais Medrash of Bayswater. I can't remember what it's name is, though. is it Shor Yoshuv, or another Yeshivah? thanks.
lookin2know Posted - 10 June 2007 17:37
lol i was at a pizza shop on sat night and some random guy who said hes going to this yeshiva next year started a conversation with me it was really weird.. so i guess you guys will meet him next year, interesting.
look-upward Posted - 12 June 2007 13:57
I was interviewed...won't find out if I'm accepted for a week. if anyone else is planning on applying, I can describe the process for you.
satinsword13 Posted - 12 June 2007 23:27
look_upward. shor yoshuv is called charedi, and they'te basic policy also is that they don't not accept anybody, unless they have a specific place in mind that would be better for that person.

i looked into going there, there are a lot of good guys.

i don't think its connected to yeshiva of bayswater, maybe someone there knows

look-upward Posted - 17 August 2007 14:55
Baruch Hashem I got into a Yeshiva. A small one, but it seems like it will help me. Thanks for all your help everyone. I'll miss you all.
satinsword13 Posted - 26 June 2008 17:43
look upward, iuf oyu get this, i'm wondering how its going for you!
look-upward Posted - 08 July 2008 22:00
Baruch Hashem, okay, thanks for asking.

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