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Mosesman Posted - 02 May 2007 0:36
Which Rebbeim in Tomo could a guy get close too?
i wanna learn Posted - 18 May 2007 3:54
my brother went to tomo abt 5 years ago and was there for 3 years, but still is in touch with Rabbi Abramowitz, Rabbi Twersky, Rabbi Fischman, and Rabbi Meizelman.
Elchonon Posted - 07 August 2007 2:26
Bezras Hashem I am going their next week. Hatzlacha to everyone on this site and to the Mod's.Have a great year and we all be zocheh to meet in Yerushalayim Habenuyah!-Elchonon
snowflake Posted - 14 January 2008 11:34
my brother is looking into places for next year...what types of boys go to tomo? what backgrounds do they generally come from? what do they do after tomo? learn full time? or college? thanx
satinsword13 Posted - 30 June 2008 18:15
the guys in tomo actually come form veried backgrounds. some from very very frum background,and some from more modern, but who first went soemwhere and became more serious learners, someplace like oj or sometihng like that. it;s for serious learners, but the atmosphere is very friendly, joking and nice. serious learning, and most guys afterwards stay in learning for a few years, or leave to do learning/college, but almost always because paretns forced them.
info Posted - 14 July 2008 23:27
"and most guys afterwards stay in learning for a few years, or leave to do learning/college, but almost always because parents forced them."

some are not forced to go to college but go because they want to.
some (not majority) stay longer and go to Lakewood, etc. or stay in the kollel there and are very serious top guys.
but the rest is correct, and the Rabbeim are all big talmedia chachamim,
many guys come from "black hat" but not yeshivish families, and a few transfer in from more modern yeshivos in e'y

Elchonon Posted - 06 August 2008 21:11
almost nobody comes from a yeshivish family. majority of the yeshivah comes from non black-hat familys- Elchonon
newhere Posted - 26 August 2008 15:29
You cant say that the majority come from non black hat homes, it's certainly not true for the guys in 1st yeat. Howevere i definitely agree that there are very few guys from real yeshivish backgrounds.
oneofthegoodguys Posted - 02 February 2009 17:19
can someone please decribe it better? ... ive heard that there is serious learning there but what kind of place is it really.... mandatory white shirts and blacks hats? off on sundays? allowing internet/laptops/ipods? etc.
newhere Posted - 23 February 2009 21:59
There is no white shirt rule, most guys wear white shirts, buy there are plent that don't There is no official rule about black hats but pretty much everyone, if not everyone wears one. There is certainly yeshiva on sundays and fridays. It is a very high level of learning most people you speak too will tell you it is the top yeshiva in israel for kids right out of high school. Any specific qs ask and ill see if i can help.
info Posted - 21 April 2009 14:29
what newhere said is true.
They do not allow laptops/internet. Ipods are ok but cant have video capability.
FlippedOutFish Posted - 07 July 2009 17:42
1.Do the Rebbeim in ToMo hold of R' Yosef B. Soliviechick and say over his torahs i understand a few where talmidim of his?

2.The yeshiva has a very strong emphasis on learning biyun but how fast is their bekius and what will they have to say back to the Gedolims letters on trying to push learning bekius and not iyun?

yaavetz Posted - 12 August 2009 18:07
From what I understand of Tomo, they hold of Y.B. Soleveitchik, but have a very right-wing interpretation of his views. They do not accept the more popular interpretation that the more modern world has of his hashkafa. They strongly recommend to the talmidim not to go to YU, but instead to somewhere like Ner Yisrael to persue a secular education.
An emphasis is put on iyun, and even in the afternoon the learning is set at a very slow pace. They feel that the talmidim in their yeshiva need to learn how to learn with the proper mehalech in just a few years, perhaps shorter than talmidim in most other yeshivos have, since they are coming straight out of high school, and many will leave after a few years to start college, not sparing time to learn intensely at a higher level or to learn in kollel. They do not feel that there is time for bekius, although they do have a halacha seder in the evening.
newhere Posted - 12 August 2009 18:07
flippedout- 1) There are 3 rebbeim there who were talmidim or were related to Rabbi Solovetchick. Rabbi Meisselman, the rosh yeshiva, is a nephew and close talmid, Rabbi Sherkin is a close talmid. Both of them claim to subscribe to Rabbi Solovetchick's haskhkofos but claim that he was misunderstood and basically charedi. Rabbi Twersky is a grandson and may have been a talmid, i'm not sure. Although he does not speak about it frequently he has alluded on occasion that he does not subscribe to Rabbi Solovetchick's hashkofos. He has at time even criticized his lomdus. So the only hashkafic difference between tomo and mainstream charedi yeshivos is Rabbi Solovetchick himself. However on the actual issues of secular studies, state of israel, etc. they are pretty much on the same page as everyone else. 2) They are extremely into beiyun. They only have some sort of bekius in 1st and 2nd year and its looked on as a bideved. As far as the letters to move fast they do what most yeshivos do; pretend it doesn't exist, doesn't apply to them etc.
think2grow Posted - 16 November 2009 22:32
What's the academic level of tomo? How intense is the learning? Do they accept guys more based on grades or middos? Thanks.
info Posted - 02 April 2010 0:34
it's the most serious American black hat (mostly) first year (out of high school) yeshiva in Israel.

I think you basically need to be able to make a leining (i.e. read a gemara that u never learned b4) to get in (although there might be some exceptions). I'm not 100% sure about what role middos play, although I understand that they want good guys. basically u need to be at a certain level of learning and then middos will help.

this is what I assume, although I am not on the acceptence committee

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