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FS613 Posted - 22 April 2007 17:56
If a person dies with an incorrect Hashkafa (for example, "religious" Zionism);

is he shown in the Olam shel Emes that his Hashkafa is incorrect;

or does his Neshama keep the incorrect Hashkafa for eternity?

Thank you.

taon Posted - 22 April 2007 20:36
the way you are in this world, sticks to you after you die like a bad habit kind of. we see this with Onkelos, who was thinking of becoming Jewish and used witchcraft or something I forgo exactly to speak to someone who was a close relative of his who was a rasha and had died. the 'ghost' for lack of a better term, (maybe neshoma?) said that Jews were chosen as Hashme's nation, but he still told Onkelos not to join us, but to fight us. so you see the truth, but you don't break your lifetime feelings (unless you do teshuvah)
MODERATOR Posted - 23 April 2007 11:06
Taon is 100% ocrrect. The answer is that both are true: He will be shown that his bad hashkafa is wrong but still he will keep it for eternity - and that is real Gehennom!

We see this from Onkeles, as Taon said. The advice that he received from his deceased uncle was that its bad to eb Jewish - which is the hashkafa he had when he was alive. Even when dead, he could not change it.

The rule is: The way you are the moment you die is what oyu remain for all eternity.

You cannot change your actions OR your opinions after your die.

So if somoone was a Zionist on this worl, as per your quesiton, and did not do Teshuva, he will remain a Zionist for all eternity. He will not be able to change his opinion, even though it is the Olam Haemes.

ner daluk Posted - 23 April 2007 15:53
There's a story told maybe s/o knows the whole thing because I heard it long time ago and will probably ruin it. But it's about s/o who was in a cemetary and overheard the neshamos of 2 girls who had died young. One said that they should go to shamayim to hear this years din (possibly having to do w/ Mashiach's arrival?)and the second one was holding a brush and a mirror and said that they can't go until she fixes herself up.
Basically the point was however you were and whatever you value in Olam Hazeh is how you will be in Olam Haba.

Kol zman shehaner dolek efshar od l'taken!

FS613 Posted - 23 April 2007 15:53
Rabbi, I accept your answer; but would you please elaborate a little more on it, as I find it a little difficult to understand.

If a Neshama has come to the World of Truth, having left behind the Yetzer Hara in this physical world, and the Neshama knows that he is now in the World of Truth and that he is being shown the absolute Truth, and that his belief, when he was alive, was wrong;

then how could he continue to believe an incorrect Hashkafa, if he has been shown in the World of Truth that his Hashkafa is wrong, and he now knows absolutely that it's wrong?

I am not trying to argue, as I accept your answer as correct. I'm just having difficulty understanding the concept, so I would appreciate further clarification.

taon Posted - 23 April 2007 22:15
<<then how could he continue to believe an incorrect Hashkafa, if he has been shown in the World of Truth that his Hashkafa is wrong, and he now knows absolutely that it's wrong?>>

i remember this verse froma post somewhere, I can't remeber who posted it

"someone convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still"

people can be so stubborn about certain things, that they are dependent on those beliefs. they can't seperate themselves from them. so even when they know they aren't true, they are so attached to thinking a certain way, they won't just stop.

questions? search for the appropriate thread here:

FS613 Posted - 25 April 2007 21:14
If someone dies with any Hashkafa that goes against the Torah (Zionism, or any other Hashkafa such as "Modern" Orthdoxy, the Conservative and Reform religions, or atheism),

does he NOT merit to be resurrected at Techiyas HaMaysim?
taon Posted - 26 April 2007 1:10
depends if it makes him an apikores, a tinok shenishbah, or someone who followed a bad hashkafa
MODERATOR Posted - 20 May 2007 2:46
FS --

Because a Neshama without a Guf does nto have the ability to make decisions beyond those that it mde in this world, and cannot be practive in any way whatssoever. So it stuck with its Hashkafos.

neshama Posted - 20 May 2007 3:39
That's actually the definition of 'gehinom'. There are 2 types of gehinom. The gehinom of fire and of snow.

Fire- that's the obvious one. The soul hasta go thru some kinda cleansing thru fire.
Snow- what's that mean? Makin snow angels is so fun!!
This gehinom means that the soul which ascended after death will be frozen in mid air.
Because the soul's job in our world is to do whatever it can to earn a front row seat next to G-d for eternity. After death, the souls expects to go right up front, and longs deaparately for it... but can be stopped along the way, depending on how it spent its life in the physical world.

If the body it was in chose the stockmarket as its priority, or the shopping mall... that remains its priority after death too.
The only issue with that is, that there aint no stockmarket in heaven. Nor is there a mall. So the soul is torn between its addiction to money and its yearning to be with G-d. And it cant make it there bec. it's stuck. So the soul freezes in mid air... FOREVER.

Imagine you havent eaten a bite in 3 days. Finally somebody comes with a sizzling hot plate of roasted chicken with cajun potatoes... and you're drooling away... but you cant touch it because ure hands are tied behind your back.
That might explain a bit about the 'gehinom of snow'.

BTW- why is it called GEHINOM? It's named after a small village near Ir David which was called Ge-hi-nom. The practice over there was to serve an avodah zarah called 'molech'. The inhabitants of the village would send their children one by one onto the alter and sacrifice them for their 'god', Molech.
B'kitzur, they were sacrificing their entire eternity in the name of an illusion- a god who was really not a god.
That's precisely what gehinom is. When we spend our lives doing things that sacrifice our whole eternity, just for the sake of an illusion. Just for the stockmarket or the mall.
What a shame.

FS613 Posted - 25 May 2007 16:31
Rabbi Moderator, would you please answer the following question, if possible:

"If someone dies with any Hashkafa that goes against the Torah (Zionism, or any other Hashkafa such as "Modern" Orthdoxy, the Conservative and Reform religions, or atheism),

does he NOT merit to be resurrected at Techiyas HaMaysim?"

Thank you.

taon Posted - 25 May 2007 20:36
apikorsim dont get olam habah. a tinok shenishbah doesnt get punished, but doesnt get rewarded either


the FAQ section

twenty_two Posted - 25 May 2007 21:26
i seem to recall r' moderator saying (in response to the q of how wine that a zionist isnt stam yainam) something along the lines of: if you believe in something which is kfira because you think it is the truth then you are not considered an apikores. so feivel's shaila may be talui in this, if im remembering correctly
MODERATOR Posted - 25 May 2007 22:13
Not all bad hashkafos make ypu an apikores.

Not always does apikorsus make you an apikores.

According to the Rambam, it depends on whether you would have known the truth had you been more intellectually honest and more interested in knowing the truth and seeking it out. And thats when you are wrng about one of the 13 Ikarim.

Regarding other hashkofos, if you purposely disagree with the torah, you are an apikores.

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