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Anything about JUDAISM
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smurclebass Posted - 17 April 2007 22:41
I'm wondering if I should be a personal trainer. I'm in 11th grade and I like working out. I would also want to be a psycologist and a rabbi. I think I can achieve more then just be a rabbi or just be a psycologist or just be a personal trainer.
I like to learn, work-out and solve peoples problems. What should I do?
smile4me Posted - 20 April 2007 18:20
my stepmom is a personal trainer. it sounds like a good idea. u can help people(veneshmartem meod es nafshosechem). and theres not tons of schooling for might be hard at first to find clients but once ur name is spread u'll do well!
geni Posted - 25 April 2007 8:38
liking to work out is one thing. spending the rest of ur life making other ppl work out is s/t else!
is that s/t that u'd find fulfilling?!
pop4lol Posted - 22 August 2008 19:28
If you are living in Israel, Wingate institute offers a course, but the optins that you wrote are all very different.

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