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MODERATOR Posted - 15 April 2007 3:57
everyone can always use a few insights to help focus in davening and work on kavanah...
satinsword13 Posted - 15 April 2007 20:26
i recently started stopping before the Yerushalayim Brochos and stop tihnking about myself and think of Hashem. i think of all the good thing he has done, how good He is in essence, so much so he created this whole world, and all he wants is the glory of Yerushalayim so people can see Him, so I daven to Hashem for Hashem.
try it; let me know.
wickles Posted - 15 April 2007 21:15
that's beautiful, satinsword!
thanks for the idea!
Mosesman Posted - 15 April 2007 23:27
Chazal say that when a person takes three steps back into Shemonah esrei and three forward he should feel as if he is entering the Kodesh Hakadashim.
How can a person feel that? Did Chazal excpect to much of us?
Imagine the Kohen in the Kodesh Hakadashim. Beleive me, at that moment, standing before Hahsem nothing- and I mean nothing- made a difference to the Kohen. The life and death, kapara or no forgivness, wealth or pvertay of Klal Yisroel were in his hands. If he did this right- G-d may bring the redemption. If he did this wrong...
If a car ( okay, horse) that he loved rode by at the moment, he would not care, for that horse was only an illusion. That horse survived based on last years prayer. That horse would not be of any importance to the Kohen, for the Kohen would realize that since the horse- as does the rest of the world- exists only on this moment, that THIS MOMENT would define what reality will be. The horse is powerless and does not exist of its own accord. It only exists because of these prayers. The entire world would exists due to this prayer.
When we daven we do the same thing. We are talking to the One Who controls life. Life only exists due to prayer.- Al shlosha devarim ha'olam omed- on Torah on prayer and on chesed.(Avos-1:2)
In a very real way we ARE like the Kohen in the Kodesh Kadashim.
During Shemonah Esrei reality is only an illusion- for our prayers define it!
israel-phile gal Posted - 17 April 2007 2:08
these thoughts (all!) are really beautiful! thanks 4 sharing ;)
and thanks mod for this awesome new forum. gr8 idea :)
satinsword13 Posted - 17 April 2007 2:39
thanks for the chizuk1
AngelNY Posted - 20 April 2007 3:31
Hey satinsword and mosesman
I tried wat u guyz said and it really made a diff in my davening.
Thanx a million!!! wat u said's really cool!
satinsword13 Posted - 27 April 2007 21:14
for maariv davening.

we say the first brocho about how We have dark times in our lives and bright times, times of night and times of day.

then in the second brocho we thank hashem , who showers his children with love, that through giving us the torah, and us learning the lessons, "We delve into matters of night and day,(bahem nehge yomam valayla)", and we learn the lessons of the torah which teach us that Hashem is only trying to help us grow, and we can then come to say, "Hashem Elokianu Hashem Echad"

peoples Posted - 01 May 2007 4:10
What I find helps (for Shemona Esrai) is as follows: I sat and thought about how I can apply each Bracha. Chazal had us all in mind and theres many ways we can apply every Bracha. Then, when you daven, stop before each Bracha and REmember the name of the Bracha. That in itself helps you focus.
(It's told about Rav Pam--I think--almost sure--that he reached over one siddur and took the other one. when he was asked why he said this siddur says the name of the Bracha first and it helped him to focus his tefilla...)
satinsword13 Posted - 04 May 2007 2:29
thanks, that was so great!
cheers! Posted - 08 May 2007 21:17
any ideas how to motivate yourself to daven?
neshama Posted - 09 May 2007 2:32
We're living in a generation where tefilla is one of the most difficult mitzvos to keep. Two generations back, our grandmothers (those that were frum obviously) had no problem at all with their davening. The tehillim was their American Express- they didn't leave home without it. The pages were tear stained, and many times they were even from tears of happiness.
Our generation is less tefilla oriented, but more Torah oriented. There is such a strong spiritual growth movement, endless varieties of shiurim available for all ages and stages, male and female. That's the way we connect to Hashem today. Obviously it's not enough, davening is of utmost importance. But if we have a clear undersdtanding as to why tefilla is so hard for us, it makes it easier to come to terms with the fact that there's not necessarily something wrong with us. It's just in the ruach of our generation. We just needa work extra hard in order to break thru the difficulties of today.
That might mean that in order to start having a more proper davening, we may just have to start externally and not internally. We may needa give ourselves a boost.
Once I had a car and his name was Max. Max sort of resembled the Flinstone's car. I had to make sure to do a mitzvah with it every single day or else it stopped working. One day I was driving with some friends and I made the big mistake of turning off the engine when we got out of the car. We were about 140 miles from home and he refused to start. B"H we were on top of a hill so we got out and pushed and pushed the car all the way down until it picked up and started on its own. Then we jumped inside and made it all the way home. And we all lived happily ever after. (Max didn't tho. ;-()
There are certain mitzvos that need the Max treatment. We need to push and push ourselves externally in order for our insides to pick it up and take over. Motivation falls under this category.
Bas-Levi Posted - 09 May 2007 2:59
Mosesman - I loved your post. That was amazing and made me realize that davening is really an opportunity to shape reality - our hishtadlus is important and helps define our reality. And when we daven - we are talking to the Creator of the Universe, the King of Kings, Haboray yisboroch shmo. And we, us little people here in this gigantic universe, are speaking to the King...and he is listening.

neshama - very nice moshol. Its so true. Sometimes we have to push ourselves to do something that takes a lot of effort...sometimes davening can be hard - but taking that extra step to push ourselves to do it is important. =)

cheers! Posted - 09 May 2007 3:44
neshama: thanks. but i think i have to back up a step and reword my question. how does one go about WANTING to motivate themselves to daven?
Elchonon Posted - 10 May 2007 1:12
By recognizing that anything you want, you can ask for, that anything you ever got was because somebody davened , and that everything that you will or won't get will be partly due to your davening or lack thereof!-Elchonon
satinsword13 Posted - 10 May 2007 23:43
the best way i found for myself to get motivated to daven is by reading the introductions to R' Shimshon Pinkus's Shearim Betfillah. if i had more access to a computer, i would write some stuff.

one tihng he does write, is imagine you have a guy who gets really sick, and he's dying. the funny thing ism that is father is an expert surgeon who knows exactly what to do to fix him! so, why doesn't he tell his father? why does he just let himself die?

Even though Hashem is all-knowing, he makes it as if he deosn't know anything unless you tell him. so therefore, come, pour out your heart in prayer, and tell the one who could help you about the problems you have!

get the sefer, it'll be a great move

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