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campgal Posted - 13 April 2007 20:41
hey i know this is supposed 2b 4 school...but is anyone here going 2 camp sternberg this year pioneer second year? any info on it, im going there first half...first time!! thanks
AngelNY Posted - 15 April 2007 21:15
totally THE MOST AWESOME PLACE ON THIS PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm going this year for my 4th year but diff age.I totally recommend it.
wannabe Posted - 16 April 2007 1:53
well, just go in there with both eyes open- its VERY sporty.
music613 Posted - 16 April 2007 13:07
My friends tokd me that there are some very special poeple there. i know that they are right!
campgal Posted - 16 April 2007 23:00
hey thanks 4 the replies...and ya i know its like majorly in2 hikes sports....going 2 the bathroom 3 miles!!
Maamin Posted - 17 April 2007 2:39
I went to Sternberg 2nd half for 5 years and this is my first summer not going. i agree w/ angel—Sternberg is the most amazing special and unique place on this planet!!! its such a great place in every way. There ARE very special people there—staff and campers. I can honestly say that I have met people in camp who have_changed_my_life. Serious. Everyone there is so real, friendly, and unbelievably accepting. It’s the sort of camp where (I feel) competition hardly exists, you can make friends with anyone—and you meet people from all over. I guess this goes for other camps as well, but in Sternberg, you especially meet people from all walks of life, which you don’t get everywhere. You can be who you are and feel comfortable being who you are. Aside from just giving you a fun summer, the program is designed to, for lack of a better word, teach important life skills. For example for some activities, working as a team is the only way you will be able to do something. Or other things require total trust. Others need leadership skills, quick thinking, …etc. the shiur program is outta this world. Not even what they give over, but who does…be prepared to be blown away!! The atmosphere in camp is so so special—carefree, easygoing, fun,ruachdik and full of achdus. I don’t know about a/o else, but I always came out of camp feeling so much fuller of kedusha and totally inspired in every way. it really "recharged my batteries" for the year. If you cant tell im the biggest fan and only because of circumstances out of my control im not going back.:( And, btw, staff is just as much fun. :):):) If you have any other specific questions just say the word!!

“…you’re the only place to be, you make me happy to be me…”—hamaivin yavin ;)

Maamin Posted - 17 April 2007 5:23
oh and one more thing--it IS very sporty, great if you love the outdoors. im pretty athletic and i absolutely loved the out-doorsy program. roughing it is one of the best parts! if you arent the sports type,tho, there is still plenty to do instead so dont get turned off if you you dont like actual sports.
ithinkuhateme Posted - 17 April 2007 23:46
best in the entire world! it was the best experience of my life!!!
frumteen524 Posted - 16 May 2007 1:59
hey i am with you, i am going first time to olders, also first half. my sis went and said it was amazing. also someone else told me that there parents wanted them to go so badly that they bribed them with a laptop and when the girl got there she had an amazing time. kit cuz i wanna know more about u so we can meet in the summer. see ya at sternberg IY''H.
campgal Posted - 16 May 2007 3:14
hey 2 bad we dont have each others email adresses or a/t.....ya i also wanna know more about u...and cant wait 2 meet in the summer!! its gr8 2 know im not the only one whos going 1st time 2 older pioneers!! e/o tells me im crazy 4 going!! but i think it's gonna b a blast....
hey so where do u live? go 2 school (if u dont mind saying-if u do, dont say!!)
soulrebel Posted - 06 January 2008 22:21
campgal, r u still out there? did u go? if so, how did u like it? i went 4 4 yrs- 2nd half- and the place rox!!!
hashemlovesmemore Posted - 07 January 2008 0:19
sternhamburger Posted - 07 January 2008 0:58
i'm more obsessed w/ it than u are HLMM!!!! lol what yr are u?
cant wait to go back!!
hsgirl Posted - 07 January 2008 2:10
srry-im campgal just 4got my password!!!
hsgirl Posted - 07 January 2008 2:10
ya i went-and it was soooo awesome B"H B"H!!!! is heller good though im not sure if i should go back cuz ppl say its boring!!
i can c y u guys r obsessed!! lol
sternhamburger Posted - 07 January 2008 2:26
yessssssssssssssssssssss go for heller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that and older were my 2 favesstttttt yrs!!
hwvr, it all depends on whether you're looking to grow or not. u have a lot of freedom and if u dont have friends around w/ u to have fun w/ it can be boring. also, its an environment thats rlly conducive to growth so if you're more for the structured activity and not so much for the chilling out, it mite not be for u...i B"H had an amazing time, but not e/o i know did...

but my fave part of heller??? the sups!!! they're the best!

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