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Career Counselor Posted - 10 January 2002 5:15
Put questions here about what jobs are hot and in demand today.

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Nicole Posted - 10 January 2002 23:51
Well, lately, I have been really interested in becoming like a nurse type of person. Is this a normal job for a jewish girl? (and IY"H wife/mother)
trying Posted - 10 January 2002 23:51
Welcome on!
It seems like many frum girls go for speech therapy because it has good pay, flexible hours, no work to take home, and there is a demand for speech therapists. I'm not sure if I want to go for it though, because so I think the market might be flooded soon with speech therapists, and then it will be hard to find a job. Now the demand might be great, but I want to be able to have a job in the future in case I need to help my husband with parnasa. Is that a valid concern, or is it not something that I don't need to worry about?
Also, the job of a speech therapist seems like fun because I like working with people, playing with kids, etc., but the courses are so boring!! Is the job as tedious and boring as the classes?
Career Counselor Posted - 11 January 2002 21:40
Hi Nicole,

You've picked a rewarding, in-demand, and important career. Big need for RN's. In summary:

* The largest health care occupation, with more than 2 million jobs.
* One of the 10 occupations projected to have the largest numbers of new jobs.
* Job opportunities are expected to be very good.
* Earnings are above average, particularly for advanced practice nurses, who have additional education or training.

Nurses work in hospitals, residential care establishments, hostels for psychiatric patients or people with learning disabilities, doctors' practices, clinics, homes for the elderly, (generally managers), hospices for the terminally ill, in industry, prsions, schools, armed services, and home nursing. With shorter hospital stays for patients, private nursing gains importance. Hours/shifts can be long and inconvenient for families. pay is getting better and demands are increasing. Specializing in nursing helps to put you career in more demand: pediatric, psychiatric, learning disability nurses, nurse anesthetists, public health nurses, etc.

You must like people, helping people, and understanding people and their pain and suffering. You can make a big difference in people's lives. Speak to nurses in the field, especially in the Jewish Orthodox community. Good luck.

yideleh Posted - 11 January 2002 21:58
I actually have seen a few speech therapists at work, and let me tell you, it's not boring at all! I agree that the courses are boring, some of my friends are taking them. They're also hard. But when I see the speech therapists at work, and how they're really helping the kids. It looks so fulfilling! But I also know that you need to have lots of patience for the job because often you don't see results right away and you have to hang on there til they actually come. When they do though, it's the greatest reward...
So if you think you want to spend all that time in school working really hard in order to get such a job, it might be worth it!!!
ponder2 Posted - 15 January 2002 0:39
<<One of the 10 occupations projected to have the largest numbers of new jobs.>>

SO, what are the other 10?

Career Counselor Posted - 15 January 2002 21:47
Hi Ponder 2

In healthcare, the following careers are increasingly in demand:

6 Hot careers in healthcare

* Job Title: Registered Nurse (RN's)
Salary: $25,500 -$39,400
* Job Title: Dietitian
Salary: $22,400 -$33,900
* Job Title: Registered Respiratory Therapist
Salary: $22,000 -$32,400
* Job Title: Physical Therapist
Salary: $32,100 -$48,800
* Job Title: Medical Records Coder
Salary: $16,800-$20,000
* Job Title: Surgical Technologist
Salary: $17,000-$25,100

For information about fastest growing occumpations, most openings, largest employment, highest paying careers, check out America's CareerInfonet ( look at the Occupational Outlook Handbook (latest ed. in libraries or (

Nicole Posted - 15 January 2002 23:38
Thanks! that was cool. Btw, Trying, I have the same problem as you. Cuz my family is not so accepting of what I want to do and certain family members have their hearts set on me being a speech therapist. But, I dunno, I kinda find it boring. I reallllly wanna work in like a hospital and everything!
IkeHolmes Posted - 15 January 2002 23:38
I want to be a Nobel laureate, what are my chances? A poet? A pulitzer prizer winner? The first cloned human to attend harvard?
Ok, jokes aside, what does the future hold in store for lawyers vis-a-vis dollars and cents?
No, I'm not lying - I said I only wanted to be a lawyer.
Beautman Posted - 15 January 2002 23:38
It's great that those jobs are in demand - it wouldn't make sense to study buggy whip manufacturing - and they're important and probably mostly rewarding.

But most of those salaries cover, what, maybe two yeshivah tuitions after taxes, maaser, etc. come out? Even if both parents work at these jobs, how would they cover even a medium sized family's tuition, rent or mortgage, food, etc.? And what if it's the only income, because the mother needs to be home with the children, or the father is learning full time? Or what if there are more than two or three kids, as is frequently the case?

Respectfully, since you are an expert on this and I am not, is this really what's best for frum jews to pursue given the financial demands that will be upon them?

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cuziwannaknow Posted - 18 January 2002 5:26
hey i want to be a psychiatrist - what's involved in that like how many years of schooling do I have to go thru and how much is the salary, hours,etc.? thanks
Career Counselor Posted - 18 January 2002 5:26

Let's get real Mr. Ikeholmes. You need to excel in your career to win and deserve a Noble Prize or any other prize/recognition in your field. Stop dreaming. If it's Law, you should know that much effort, time, and money is needed to obtain that degree. More important is to determine if your personality and values (what's important to you)are suitable for going into this potentially high pressure career. Many new lawyers are having a hard time securing a "good" and many are sorry they entered ln in the first place. The outlook for lawyers, however, is good. You must go into the field for the right reasons. Good luck.

Career Counselor Posted - 18 January 2002 5:26
Hi Beautman,

The question asked and of interest to many people, is what jobs or careers are in demand today or the "Hot jobs" I can only offer references to official US. Dept of Labor and NY State labor stats. People are always asking me about the hottest jobs but the important thing to realize that there are many careers that are 'compatable' with our religious lifestyle AND are in demand and pay well, e.g. accounting, social work, small, business ownership, special ed, computer analyst, etc. Remember, you have a career that is self satisfying. Too many people go into careers beacause they look only at the benefits or were talked into it, ("your father is a lawyer and..." Can't find a good job which matches your interests? Get a hobby, work pt time in another field, do volunteer work to satisfy your other interests. Good luck.

ponder2 Posted - 18 January 2002 22:49

I asked a friend of mine who is just finishing up her BA in speech therapy. She says she personally finds her classes very interesting (NOT boring!). And she doesn't see how anyone can tell s/o else if a certain field is interesting or not. It all depends on the individual. Meaning, what interests you...

C.C., (can I nickname you?)

Thanks! Problem though, I hope to im'yah to live in Israel after I'm married. I don't see how pple can make money there...and live...(and you're talking dollars)the problems "Beautman" pointed out are just bigger how do pple live there? It puzzles me.

trying Posted - 18 January 2002 22:49
Is speech one of the areas that is incresingly or decreasingly in demand? And what is the average salary for it?
trying Posted - 23 January 2002 4:37
hi again! first of all, thanks Nicole and Ponder2. 2nd of all, C.C. - will a NY speech license be good in other countries? thanks.
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