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musicgurl Posted - 30 March 2007 4:35
could everyone post their fave song and why they picked it? i love music and i think it will be interesting to hear...

2cool4u Posted - 30 March 2007 5:31
Offhand i can say that my 2 favorite songs are dreaming (shalsheles) and ima tagidi li (on some Israeli tape). I just think they're soooo beautiful- everytime i hear them, they touch my heart.
wannabe Posted - 30 March 2007 18:12
"skipping down the road of life" - rina marton
yankeeinkneesox Posted - 30 March 2007 18:12
generations of song (yehuda), power of music (kineret) and a/t else sung by her, a/t shlock rock!!!!
musicgurl Posted - 30 March 2007 20:07
well, my favorite songs are: the power to be (hakoach lehiyot) on voices for israel. its gorgeous! also lashon remiya on teknoy
smile4me Posted - 01 April 2007 1:30
mama rochel
father in heaven(tatte)the old song thats on shwekeys new album
forgot what its called but 2 songs from Chaim Yisrael
aneinu by dovid gabey
harry lincoln Posted - 01 April 2007 2:13
i love dreaming from shalsheles.
i dont like the chevra so much anymore but i like Ubaruch
Anything shweky specifically Racheim and mos t of the first and third CDs. i love shlock rock Journeys rox the house Kol achai another big favorite. My brother got me into Simply Sfat, Yehiva Boys chour got some nic e songs. My mother loves Ari Goldwag but even though he has a beutiful voice i dont like his songs so much. hmmm.. maybe ill pst more later.
Bas-Levi Posted - 01 April 2007 4:00
smile4me - what do ya know, those are some of my favorite songs too (except for the Chaim Yisroel ones b/c I don't know which ones those are)!
I also LOVE Shwekey's "Shema Yisroel" and "Yishoma" on Shloime Gertner's new album. =D
Actually I like most Shwekey; I also like Avraham Fried's "Baishanim" and "Nu nu nu..." (I think the title is, ah, interesting...but I like the song...!).
Speaking of songs...since sefira is coming up, does anyone here have any favorite Jewish acapella music? =)
eved Hashem Posted - 01 April 2007 5:34
I have the best acapella. Its called Kol Zimra. I can lissten to it over and over again its so gorgeous. Smile, I also LOVE the song Tatte but the yiddish version.Something about it sounds nicer. Ive listened to it so many times that I can finally sing along with the yiddish words. I probably sound really funny. I also love all shalsheles.
depressedAngel Posted - 01 April 2007 5:34
lol my skool performed thepower to be song in our play and it was really intersesting. its actually sad to be the only one from my skool on here cuz theres no one to laugh with me about this stuff
aniohevet613 Posted - 01 April 2007 6:15
i agree everything shalsheles :-D there's also this acapella group called yossi goldstein and the farbrengen accapella. it's very beautiful and lively.

chag sameach!

smile4me Posted - 01 April 2007 14:04
i agree that the yiddish is nicer , howeverrrrrr i cannot understand or sing along with it so i will hafta stick with the english
oh and i also love shema yisrael from shwekey. i love shwekey period. i want him at my wedding. anyone volunteering topay?lolol
musicgurl Posted - 01 April 2007 16:12
i love the aishes chayil on shwekey's new cd. its GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSS
jelly Posted - 01 April 2007 16:53
heya musicgurl, i also love power to be and i also reali like chazak amenu. i like yeshivah boys an miami boys.
sprinkles Posted - 01 April 2007 19:40
v'ahavta -yeshiva boys choir(i worked at a beis ezra camp and the kids loved this song so it always brings back great memories)
when im gone and hallelu-moshav
best songs ever
grafix Posted - 01 April 2007 22:05
just about any dveikus song.

and the song "uzi, uzi eilecha azamera" - not sure where it's from - it's an old song.
oh, and mendy wald's yiddish song - R' Chanina ben Tradyon.
and abish brodt's "habeit"
and "mikdash melech" on achim (also an old one)

gosh, there are way too many to list.

and can I start listing my own?

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