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guitargrl Posted - 23 March 2007 18:33
Hey ive been chabad my whole life and I love every aspect of it.So why do i get the stares? Why the wispering? Why the rude comments?
Just to make some things clear:
1. I do NOT think that being chabad makes me holier or frumer than any other jew in the world
2. I do NOT belive that the lubavitcher rebbe is "alive under ground"
So what does eveeyone have against me?
changed4good Posted - 26 March 2007 3:13
I totally agree. I have alot of chabad friends and have visited crown heights before and have met the most amazing wonderful people there. Yes, some are not doing the right thing but the majority are awesome ppl. They have no right to put you down because your different than them.
taon Posted - 26 March 2007 22:11
No one has anything against you, or at least they shouldn't. the whole anti-chabad thing had nothing to do with the people, but the anti-Jewish beliefs. you dont have those, so what's the problem? i guess people just generalize too much.
music613 Posted - 27 March 2007 22:06
I think that when people think of Chabad/Lubavitch they think of the people who think that the rebbe is "alive under ground" and has a fax machine next to his grave.... When people stare,whisper,etc. they are thinking that all of Chabad/Lubavitch are like the ones who believe that the Rebbe is still "alive".
guitargrl Posted - 27 March 2007 22:21
Thats the problem with people. we stick a label on someome and then its there for good.I admit that some people have taken the "mishachist" thing a little to far, but that desont give anyone the right to put down other lubavitchers because of them
harry lincoln Posted - 29 March 2007 0:05
As taon said no one is or should be.
but think from the other tzad. lets say you saw me in the street wearing a black hat. would you atomaticly assume i was a frummy? (barring the fact that chabad wears hats) your first impression might be i was, lets say. you might not give me proper kavod.
so if i see you in the street i might assume that you are a yichinik and turn the other way. my point is not just lubavitchers are discriminated, people just assume things because they are either biased or ignorant p.s. also they forget all the chesed chabad does.
Tortured_Soul Posted - 29 March 2007 21:15
Note: I am submitting this to a number of relevant threads because of the urgency of the message.

I concur with much of what the moderators have written about Lubavitch but I do not, c’v, have any personal vendetta against Lubavitchers. I realize that we must have the same Ahavas Yisroel toward Lubavitchers that we have towards all other Yidden who are considered part of Klal Yisroel [1].

There certainly are many fine and wonderful people within Lubavitch, a number of examples of which can be seen right here on this site. I personally am greatly indebted to a number of Lubavitchers who were very nice and helpful to me and a major influence and source of education in my first becoming frum.

I am greatly disturbed by a number of posts I have seen here (both in this thread as well as others) with gratuitous nastiness and insults; a number of posters quite clearly evidenced personal animosity and vendettas. I really wish these posts would be removed.

One of the most egregious examples I recall offhand was that of a girl who clearly held a major grudge because of a bad experience she had had with a Lubavitcher school. Even assuming that her version of the story was accurate [2], what she described could have happened in any school and it was terribly unfair to hold Lubavitch as a whole accountable for it.

I realize that there are also a number of insulting, disrespectful and delusional posts by Lubavitchers but one must understand that it is only natural for people to react that way when they feel their rebbe, family, community and entire way of life is being attacked. Even if it is only _substantive_, _legitimate_ criticism, it can still be quite painful. People must understand and be sensitive to what it feels like to have the very foundations upon which you were raised and based on your entire life on now shaken to the core.

I recall a terribly disturbing example of not only insensitivity but actually downright cruelty when in response to a statement along the lines of, “You are all going to burn for talking against the Nosi HaDor [3], Shlita, this way” someone wrote something like,
“There is medication for your problem”.

Other than hurting the person and turning him off even more to anything you have to say, just what is accomplished with such a cold, heartless, cruel remark? Whoever that poster was, I really pity the people in his life; someone who can make a glib remark like that in such a cavalier fashion is obviously terribly lacking in the Jewish trait of rachmonus and gemilas chassodim.


[1] Basically, not apikorsim or any of the other categories of reshoim so bad that they are excluded from Klal Yisroel

[2] And remember, there are at least three sides to every story: each parties side and the truth– which always lies _somewhere_ between the two sides– in some cases it could be very close to one side but rarely, if ever, is it _completely_ on one side.

[3] In fairness, it must be noted that despite the implications to the contrary by that and perhaps and some other posts here as well, the concept that their rebbe is the “Nasi HaDor” is a part of Chabad ideology that predates the previous rebbe; he did not originate it.

sitrakafka Posted - 29 March 2007 21:57
i actually feel sorry for chabad. its like they have no idea...


MODERATOR Posted - 29 March 2007 22:01
The problem is, many of them actually don't. hence this board. the problem is, many people do know exactly what the problem is, and just refuse to change it.
sitrakafka Posted - 29 March 2007 22:56
what do you expect them to do, mod? its no secret that anytime a dispute breaks out in certain communities some people will go berserk.
MODERATOR Posted - 29 March 2007 23:40
Who's talking about a dispute? there already is one.
sitrakafka Posted - 01 April 2007 14:04
right but the dispute *within* chabad whether or not the rebbe is mashiach is long over. everyone who he ever said he wasnt is quiet now. its not like a chabadnik can walk into 770 and start arguing he isnt mashiach. wouldnt it get ugly?
MODERATOR Posted - 01 April 2007 20:08
It would certainly be dangerous, and I wasn't suggesting anything like that. I should clarify, I mean tthat there are Rabbi's is the meschists communities who know exactly why everyone else disagrees with them, but unfortunateley, they don't even admit to the disagreements in many cases. as you can see in the forums, very few Lubavitch schools tell their students what people have against lubavitch, instead merely claiming it's just a "bunch of misnagdim", and that our Gedolim were Chas Vesholom reshayim. This doesn't go on everywhere, obviously, but it's scary what is taught in some schools.
sitrakafka Posted - 01 April 2007 20:56
once i asked a chabadnik if the rebbe had a white donkey or something and he got *pretty* mad. no its definitely not worth messing with them on this issue.

i just wonder when theyre finally going to wake up and admit they were wrog. how long is it going to take? and what will become of chabad then?

i really have hope for them.


What have I
What have I
What have I done to deserve this?

depressedAngel Posted - 02 April 2007 0:35
whats ineteresting is that most refular frum people i know (not lubavitch) do not see anything wrong with lubavitch (the deviant beliefs i mean) not that theyve studied the subject and side with lubav just that they really dont knwo very much on the topic. most people are really ignorant about this and its not good
shalet Posted - 19 April 2007 14:21
What?! U mean youre not considered an apikores in Chabad because you dont believe the Rebbe is physically alive and your open about it?
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